old things into art

old maps + Ikea frames = inexpensive art

old school rulers + antique vase = eclectic, but personal decor

And the kitchen is yellow. Bright, cheerful, clean and sunny.

We created a chalkboard using chalkboard paint. It was easy and quick drying. A great DIY craft that continues to provide a creative canvas (we also painted the closet doors in our 4-year-old's room).
Oh, what a big difference a little bit of painting can make! We're currently decorating on a budget. The cool slate-blue has really freshened up our living space and main entrance. Most of my furniture is dark brown, and I find the grey-blue (ash) undertone of the paint contrasts and compliments the red-brown colour of the dark pieces.

Next, the kitchen......

I finally did something with the flowers I pressed a few months ago. It was easy and fun to arrange the pressed pieces. I plan on doing many more of these. I'd like to try pressing red roses next...

I have been looking for a wallpaper to liven up the mudroom and I found it! I put it up halfway and the plan is to add a crown moulding around the room. It didn't take much time but it really spruces things up. Wallpaper is in this spring (for me anyway)!
Knitting my very first sweater (child's tennis sweater for Ahria, my daughter who is almost 4).
I'm using the pattern below with organic cotton wool in one colour only. It's a pattern from a 1972 issue of Good Housekeeping.
In honour of a day that was a little warmer (minus 2 instead of minus 26) we had a picnic style lunch. It's refreshing to have a meal which is fresh and light. It's also nice to use up odds and ends from the fridge!